Chess Corps is a partnership between chess enthusiasts: including volunteers, supporters, and professionals, who band together to share the culture of chess, teach and learn values, and develop each other to the fullest as human beings and athletic competitors. Chess Corps focuses on developing the ability to manage the difference between the two. Chess Corps looks across boundaries—age, gender, nationality, ethnicity—to find the way for all to grow.

When you join Chess Corps, you receive advanced notice of and invitations to special Chess Corps events, discounted fees for special chess events and purchases, login rights to our members-only web site (coming soon), and are entitled to a menu of fee-based services. Over time as we develop we will add a number of additional membership services and features, including advanced web-based learning. Please check back often to find out about our membership benefits.

There are two ways to become a member of Chess Corps: Enroll or Contribute.

Enroll: One way to become a member of Chess Corps is to enroll in Chess Corps' tuition-based chess program, Chess Studio on the Hill. When you enroll in the Chess Studio on the Hill program, the first $50 of your tuition fee is automatically applied towards your one-year Chess Corps membership. To learn more about this program, please click here. To enroll in this tuition-based program, please click here.

Contribute: Another way to join Chess Corps is to donate the base contribution of $50 per year. This base contribution registers you in Chess Corps' Pawn membership category for one year. When you generously contribute any amount over the base contribution of $50 per year, the first $50 of your donation is automatically applied towards your one-year Chess Corps membership.

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With your support Chess Corps is able to continue its mission to educate, rehabilitate, and enrich the lives of people through promoting the culture of chess.

Your generous contribution means that you are joining the very special group of supporters who want to make a difference developing and empowering the lives of those who have experienced the shock of injury, illness, and setbacks from daily challenges.

All of Chess Corps’ programs are underwritten by Chess Corps’ charitable donors and patrons. Our programs at Dana Farber, VA Hospital, and Boys and Girls Club are fully subsidized while our studio programs are primarily subsidized with some tuition fees offsetting costs. Chess Corps deeply appreciates your generosity to help sustain our ability to provide these much-needed, ongoing quality services to our community.

Chess Corps is a non-profit organization.

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We graciously appreciate your generous contribution which can be donated online, by clicking on the contribute button below or can be mailed to: Chess Corps, 1 Harvard Street, Suite 201, Brookline, MA 02445

Minimum donations for membership is $50.

If you wish to contact us about how your contribution will be directed, please feel free to contact us at